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Friday, October 28, 2016


Mike's bullet scar--Italian Market

Mike showing his bullet scar from a mugging in Annapolis, MD. Black guy had a handgun at Mike's temple before firing at his leg. "This ain't no game!" Bullet through calf, Mike gave the dude everything he had in his wallet, $10.



Mike on 10-27-16--Italian Market

Mike is employed to sell cheese at the Italian Market. He will be the Obscured American after Eddie (below).



Eddie (in white T-shirt) will be the next Obscured American. Photo is from his FaceBook page.


Poetry by Nguyen Quoc Chanh and Mien Dang

This video was made for the launch of Sophie Collins' Currently & Emotion: Translations. It was shown at London’s Hannah Barry Gallery yesterday, October 27th.

Chanh, the first poet featured, lives in Vietnam, but Mien Dang is a Vietnamese-American. She works as manicurist in the Tampa area.


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Who’s Racist?

As published at Unz Review and CounterCurrents, 10/28/16:

Over three days last week, at least 150 blacks attacked whites at random around Temple University. Victims were surrounded, punched and kicked. Wallets and phones were stolen. Rocks were thrown at passing cars. When cops showed up, one was knocked from her bike and a police horse was even punched twice in the muzzle.

Most of the assaults took place on Friday. On Saturday, Joe Lauletta, a father of one victim, reported on FaceBook:

I spent last night in the ER at St. Mary’s HospitaI. I received a call from my daughter Christina after my sons football game. She was crying, I couldn’t understand her, my heart dropped, I became scared, I said what is the matter? Dad, I was jumped, I’m beat up pretty bad. Where r u? Temple, they stole my phone. We’re heading to the police station. I do not hear from her until she gets to her apartment. Rage is running through my mind the whole time. She said she is getting a ride home and wants to go to St. Mary’s. I find out that her and her 2 male friends where badly beaten by a group of 30-40 black teenagers on their way home from the Temple football game. This happened after they got off the subway at Broad and Cecil B Moore. These sick animals held her down and kicked and stomped on her repeatedly. Thank god, the people from the pizza place intervened. They arrested 2 people at the scene. I have not let Christina out of my sight, she is resting. Every part of her body is badly bruised, it makes me cry just thinking about it. No broken bones. If you have children at Temple, tell them to be careful. Please keep Christina Lauletta in your thoughts.

CBS Philadelphia describes another victim’s ordeal:

He says around 9:30 Friday night he was leaving work when he saw what looked to be at least 200 juveniles walking in large groups.

He said he overheard police saying the kids were playing the knockout game.

He says a juvenile around 10 years old started shouting obscenities at him and grabbed his phone out of his hand. The student says the juvenile then came back and threw the phone at him, striking him in the face.

Around 15 minutes later, the student says he was walking with his girlfriend when they were approached by at least seven juveniles. The student says he went to hit the Temple Police alert button when his girlfriend was struck by one of the juveniles.

As the student was chasing them away, he says he was struck in the face by a someone he estimates to be eight years old.

This is not new. In 2014, five black girls, aged 17, 15, 15, 15 and 14, committed three separate attacks on random white people at Temple University. Struck across the face with a brick, a 19-year-old white student suffered a fractured jaw and nearly had her teeth knocked out. Her 15-year-old assailant, Zaria Estes, was given a 2 ½-6 year sentence.

Across America, gangs of blacks have beaten random people for decades, just for the sport of it. This cathartic recreation has been dubbed wilding, catch and wreck, knock out game or flash mob, and it can happen at parks, shopping malls, state fairs or even your living room.

In 2012, a mentally-handicapped woman was relaxing on her stoop in Chester, just outside Philadelphia, when she was attacked by six black teenaged girls. When the terrified woman tried to flee inside, they rushed into her living room to continue the savage beating. Had these girls not posted their exhilarating workout on FaceBook, they might never have been caught.

A white bartender at my neighborhood dive was attacked, just outside her front door, by a group of black kids around 12 years old. After throwing a rock at her head and knocking her down, they kicked her a few times as she curled up on the ground, then they scattered. “Just like that, it was over. All I could do was go inside and cry.”

Not surprisingly, the latest incident at Temple University has received scant media attention. Though AP did cover it, it never pointed out that these were racial crimes. As usual, only “teens” are fingered, with their race not mentioned. Had mobs of whites attacked random blacks, the entire world would have known about it by now.

Locally, a black writer editorializes in the Philadelphia Inquirer that gentrification is ultimately responsible. In “Behind Temple attacks, rage often comes with exclusion,” Solomon Jones explains:

In a city where poverty is concentrated outside the universities, we can’t truly expect the poor to watch jobs and wealth and excess pass them by without any reaction at all.

To be sure, violence is the wrong response. And the kids who engaged in it will surely be prosecuted, as they should be.

But I believe those teens are expressing something that has long simmered beneath the surface. They are expressing the rage that comes with exclusion. They are expressing the hurt that comes with invisibility. They are engaged in the inevitable push and pull of change.

Temple University, my alma mater, has reached out to the community with scholarships for local youth, according to spokesman Ray Betzner. They’ve put reading programs in place, tutored high schoolers and even talked to their own students about respecting longtime community residents. But Temple would be wise to reach out into the community with an eye toward creating stronger relationships and greater opportunities for the young people who’ve been pushed aside by a generation of exclusionary development.

The community would be wise to reach back.

So these attackers are among “people who’ve been pushed aside by a generation of exclusionary development.” Like many urban universities, Temple is surrounded by black ghettos, but these are being gentrified thanks to a steady influx of white suburbanites and immigrants.

If you’re barely treading water, and your rent jacks up because of gentrification, you’ll be pissed too. Who wants to be evicted? Blacks, though, are always the victims, and never agents, of any neighborhood’s improvement. Why is that?

In Detroit, a post-apocalypse ghetto of burnt out houses, gutted factories and urban raccoons, Mexicans revived a section near downtown. Unlike the rest of Detroit, there are plenty of restaurants and shops in Mexicantown, and it’s perfectly safe to walk around.

If there were fewer Mexicans, blacks would have more jobs, obviously, so why are our borders wide open? In “Race and Crime in America,” Ron Unz suggests that Hispanics are being imported to replace blacks. They can do the same jobs, sans mayhem. In 1992, East Palo Alto had the highest murder rate in all of America. Then a transformation happened as Hispanics flooded in. Ron Unz:

Over the last twenty years, the homicide rate in that small city dropped by 85%, with similar huge declines in other crime categories as well, thereby transforming a miserable ghetto into a pleasant working-class community, now featuring new office complexes, luxury hotels, and large regional shopping centers. Multi-billionaire Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife recently purchased a large $9 million home just a few hundred feet from the East Palo Alto border, a decision that would have been unthinkable during the early 1990s.

The more blacks there are in a neighborhood, the more crimes, the lower the housing values and the more dysfunctional the public schools, and everyone knows this, including, say, a fresh-off-the-boat immigrant from Mali or Bangladesh. Black maladaptation is only getting worse.

What you have, then, is a group that will largely be excluded from better jobs, universities and housing. As long as the United States shall last, blacks will be an underclass. Their symbolic successes, as in having a half-black president, can’t gloss over the fact that the majority of them are barely afloat.

The in-state tuition for Temple University is $15,688, and the school accepts 56% of its applicants. It’s reasonably priced and easy to get in. Only 13.1% of Temple students are black, however, in a city with 44.1% blacks. Before you charge racism, do consider what Walter Williams has to say:

Among high-school students who graduated in 2014 and took the ACT college readiness exam, here’s how various racial/ethnic groups fared when it came to meeting the ACT’s college readiness benchmarks in at least three of the four subjects: Asians, 57 percent; whites, 49 percent; Hispanics, 23 percent; and blacks, 11 percent. However, the college rates of enrollment of these groups were: Asians, 80 percent; whites, 69 percent; Hispanics, 60 percent; and blacks, 57 percent.

Though all races are being admitted to college too liberally, blacks benefit the most, for only 1/5th of blacks in universities should even be there. Feeling out of place, blacks across the country are demanding separate dormitories.

Blacks are also given preferred treatment when it comes to government jobs and contracts, so the academy, state and media are all in their favor, yet their failures have only increased.

In Ethnic America, Thomas Sowell observes, “The [black] race as a whole has moved from a position of utter destitution—in money, knowledge, and rights—to a place alongside other groups emerging in the great struggles of life. None have had to come from so far back to join their fellow Americans.”

Having achieved not just civic equality but, at times, even favored treatment, blacks still often find themselves on the losing end of life’s struggles. If you dare to suggest that individual blacks should bear at least some responsibilities for their failures, however, you will be branded a racist.

So I’m a racist for writing this, Walter Williams is a racist for pointing out that most blacks attending college shouldn’t be there, and Joe Lauletta is a racist for calling his daughter’s attackers “sick animals.” Everyone is a racist except those 150+ blacks who attacked whites unprovoked.

To many black apologists, blacks can’t be guilty of anything, be it murder, rape, a brick across your face or even racism, because everything they do is just a response to relentless white racism. I’ll insist, though, that these black apologists are the worst racists of all, because to deny someone of moral agency is to reduce him to an animal.

As for the media, their steady suppression or excuse of black misbehavior is an encouragement of even worse. This has to be intentional. They’re enabling more riots, more catch and wrecks, more knock out games.

Teaching in Germany, I showed my students the Philadelphia Police Department’s YouTube channel, without comments. One video after another had a black person assaulting or robbing somebody. When a Hispanic criminal suddenly appeared in the 9th video or so, some students couldn’t help but grin, for they were fleetingly spared of the monotony.

Since the students wanted to learn about the US, I gave them an authentic, unedited glimpse. At their local cinema, Straight Out of Compton was playing. It’s very cool to act black in Germany.

Of course, black apologists will claim that American blacks only rob because they’re oppressed and poor, though I don’t see how this explains the 22,000+ black-on-white rapes/sexual assaults reported yearly, as compared to zero white-on-black sexual attacks. (See table 42 of the Department of Justice’s Criminal Victimization in the United States reports for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, the last year available.) Oh yes, white women are so fetishized, blacks can’t help but rape them. None of them can help doing anything, I get it. What a gross insult this is to decent blacks.

Again, to deny someone of moral agency is to reduce him to an animal.


Monday, October 24, 2016


Thanks for a $25 contribution from a repeat donor in Fargo, ND!


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Obscured American: Hank the Christian Constitutionalist

As published at CounterCurrents, Unz Review and Intrepid Report, 10/23/16:

America has become an eviscerated country draped in a gigantic flag. Day by day, its culture becomes more grotesque and obscene, a luna park of lunacy. Leached of essence, it burps up slogans, but who’s convinced?

What define America, exactly? Paul Craig Roberts narrows it down to the Constitution and Christianity, “All Americans have a huge stake in Christianity. Whether or not we are individually believers in Christ, we are beneficiaries of the moral doctrine that has curbed power and protected the weak.” And, “The other cornerstone of our culture is the Constitution. Indeed, the United States is the Constitution. Without the Constitution, the United States would be a different country, and Americans would be a different people. This is why assaults on the Constitution and assaults on Christianity are assaults on all of us.”

You’re not going to get away with that in most American universities! In this nominally Christian country, Christians are routinely caricatured as buffoons and fanatics. They don’t wear crosses as much as burn them on African-Americans’ front lawns. Don’t show them Mel Gibson’s The Passion of Christ, or they’ll torch the nearest chopped liver joint.

These thoughts about Christianity and the Constitution were triggered by my recent encounter with a 70-year-old black man, Hank. Twice a week, he stands outside for about ten hours to inform us all of our systematic degradation. On Mondays, you’ll find Hank and his large sign at UPenn, while on Thursdays, he can be found near Independence Hall, right outside the National Museum of American Jewish History.

Hank was dressed very shabbily, and I suspect it’s not really due to poverty, but neglect. He’s simply too preoccupied with his thoughts to bother. Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. Hank is also wifeless.

My father was mostly a truck driver. My mother did domestic work when she was able to, when she wasn't home raising children. I had two brothers and a sister. When we were able to take care of ourselves, when we could go back and forth from school, my mother worked.

Back then, you could walk the street as a nine-year-old and not worry about being kidnapped or raped. People can’t do that nowadays. The atmosphere has become so fearful and hostile for everybody. It's considered child abuse to not keep an eye on your kids.

We came along. We had wonderful Christmases, wonderful Easters, a wonderful grandmother, wonderful cousins. Easters were happy occasions, and our grandmother, we would go visit her. I'm not saying everything was peach and cream, but it certainly wasn't all this horror and mess, and all this negative stuff.

I went to a parochial school in a negro neighborhood, bordered by the Irish. I went to a high school that was probably 80%, 90% Italians, Irish, Polish, everybody, you know, whites. Also, most of my teachers in grade school were nuns and priests, so they were white also.

The neighborhood stores were Jewish, some were Italian. We did have a few Negro shops, and the door-to-door salesmen were a mixed bag. They were colored and whites.

It was safe enough then for people to go door-to-door and sell things. The men who were driving horse and wagons were a mixture. I had experiences with all kinds of people.

One of our closest friends was Billy Lee. He was a white kid who was brought up by a Chinese family. That wasn't even a consideration. There was no discussion at all of race, in my experience. Billy Lee was friends with my older brother, but he was a friend of mine too. My brother worked in a Chinese restaurant from the time he was 12-years-old.

After high school, I went to a seminary. God has always been important to me.

I never got married. I was reading Jeremiah the other day. God would not allow Jeremiah to get married, because he wanted him. God said in the first chapter, “I ordain you from your womb. You’re going to be my prophet, and I’m going to make you a destroyer.” Well, he didn’t make Jeremiah a physical destroyer of Israel, but he made Jeremiah the one to preach the destruction of Israel.

I enjoyed being around people. I worked some years in a department store, and the people there were very friendly, very nice. The owners, everybody was really friendly.

Mostly, I worked in power generation. I was a maintenance worker at Limerick and Peach Bottom nuclear plants. We maintained all the equipment, pumps, turbines, generators, etc. There was a constant replacement of parts. I also worked at coal and oil plants.

When I was growing up, there wasn't an emphasis on everything being about race. Throughout human history, people have disliked somebody for whatever reason, racial reasons, but it wasn't drilled into you by the news media day after day, after day. You didn't get it at school that race is all there is about life.

My daily life wasn't filled with any racial animosity or discomfort. I went to church. I was in the Boy Scouts. We went to a camp in the Poconos. One time, somebody said that they put us in this lousy campsite because we were colored, but there were these Jewish kids who were using the same facility, and they were saying, “Maybe they assigned us this campsite because we’re Jews!” It wasn’t serious.

I'm not saying we had a life devoid of any racial remarks or comments, but it was never taken seriously. It’s like the word nigger. When I was growing up, I hardly ever heard my father or mother mention the word. I didn’t know the word. One time, I heard the word nigger roach, so I thought nigger roach was some kind of insect!

We sat around and talked about baseball. Nobody made a big deal about the word nigger. I could think of one or two occasions when I was called that, but it wasn't something I built my life on. You had Irish being called micks. You had Italians being called dagos. It wasn't anything serious. Nobody made a major case about it. Now, you’ll go to jail for saying “nigger,” you are so bad.

It was a more civil society in the 50’s. There were problems in the southern cities in terms of legal segregation, which they got rid of. You had instances of lynching here and there, I don't know, I wasn't there, but I understand that lynching took place not only against blacks, it was also done on whites, but they've blown it up to be a white-on-black thing.

Anything that they could find to be negative about whites, they did, especially in the South, so the governor down there was blocking people from going to school. I'm not saying it wasn't something serious, but you had all these other schools that were not being blocked. In the South, you got the University of Mississippi that wasn't being blocked, and you got all these schools in northern cities that were not being blocked. All these blacks were going to Columbia, Penn University, but they made it out like it was some national calamity.

Yes, the laws were unfair, so they corrected them, and that should have been it, but they harped on it in the media every year. They had all these shows and features on ancient racial unfairness, over and over and over and over. It was unnecessary.

Now they go on and on about slavery, but when I was in school, I didn't hear about slavery until, I think, 7th grade. My parents and my parents’ parents never talked about slavery. They talked about the Phillies and the Milwaukee Braves. These were people who were tailors and truck drivers. They were professional people. You just didn’t hear this nonsense. Today, children go to school and all they hear about is slave ships and all this slave nonsense. It’s extreme and it's unnecessary.

There are more important things in life than to keep bringing up somebody's great-great-great-grandfather's miserable experience. All tribes, all people, have had some experience with slavery. In America, it was the Christians who actually abolished slavery. It was abolished because Jesus Christ said, “Love your neighbor.” So the Christians who abolished slavery are persecuted the most for being slave owners.

Throughout the world, particularly in Africa, there is slavery, even today. It never stopped being a slave continent. Sudanese Arabs have been enslaving Sudanese black Christians all throughout the 20th century, yet all these phonies in this country ignore it. The NAACP ignores it. W. E. B. Du Bois, who was the founder of the group, he joined the Communist Party before he died. He was a Communist all his life, but this isn't talked about.

All they want to talk about is what the white man did, what George Washington and Thomas Jefferson did, but they grew up in a world where there's always been, from the beginning of mankind, slavery. It was considered acceptable and moral.

Aristotle, Plato and pagan natural law taught that slavery was OK. All throughout Asia Minors, they believed it. In Asia, they believed it. Koreans kept slaves, and the Chinese did. When the Christians understood from Jesus Christ that it was wrong, and they started to abolish it, these enemies of God turned their wrath on the Christians who abolished slavery.

Jefferson and Washington were not proponents of it. They derived wealth from it because there it was. You grew up in a household and there were slaves from your father and from your mother, etc, but as they grew older, they understood from the teachings of Jesus Christ that this was not right, so they sought to undo it, but all these people who hate America and hate the views of Jefferson and Washington portray them as evil slave owners.

Even today, there's this Arab group in the Middle East that's enslaving women. Sex slaves, raping little girls and nobody's talking about it. Obama is having his coffee and steak, and he doesn't give a hoot.

This new obsession about race is used to manipulate black people in particular. Black people in the cities, coming from the South, were looking to maintain their tradition, which was home and the family, but many caved in to the circumstances. In the city, they were tempted with lax, easy, lenient punishment for committing crimes.

When judges were not enforcing the laws, many blacks began to suffer. When behavior breaks down in one instance, it breaks down in other areas. Blacks became not responsible for their children and for their families, so they would leave their wives, or they were impregnating girls and not taking care of their children.

The earlier society with black people had traditional mores, traditional rules and behaviors. It was a much better society, much more civil. I remember as a child that there were one or two black families in the neighborhood that people felt you should not associate with, but overall, that was not the case. What has happened is that that one or two black families became the majority.

When I was growing up, you did not hear “racism,” or all these other governmental terms. There was no “diversity.” It was America. We were colored or black, but we were Americans. You certainly didn't hear “African-Americans.”

You heard a lot of positives about being an American. Joe Louis, a very important black fighter, he talked about how proud he was to be an American. Jackie Robinson was proud to be an American. All that was instilled in us. You didn't grow up to hate your country.

There wasn't antagonism towards law enforcement. Like any group or organization, you’re going to have bad apples here and there, but in general, there was no disrespect for police officers. There wasn't this: He's the enemy so we have to correct and change him.

I stopped watching TV a long time ago because it's all anti-God. The commercials have taken on the same air. Anything that’s vulgar and profane, if it insults God, Jesus Christ, they'll push it out right away.

When I was growing up, if you said, “Oh, my God,” people would say, “Don't take God's name in vain!” Today, they teach everybody to say that. If a movie comes out, and the scriptwriter only has “Oh, my God” 100 times, they’ll say put it in 200 times, so you grow up hearing oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Everybody is saying it. It’s no big deal.

All these T-shirts I see, “Just Do It,” so right away, it conveys a sexual message. There was a time when you would be appalled at a little girl saying a cuss word. Now, you’ll hear them say mother this, mother that. It’s no big deal.

All this came about to make sure that future generations would not have the Christian restraints of their parents. Stalin talked about it. Alinsky talked about it. Lenin said, “Give me the children and I’ll change the world.”

They all know the way to corrupt and demoralize the people is through the young. Don't let them hear about righteousness, don't let them hear about God. That's why today they are walking around with “Just Do It.”

Anything that conveys sex is good. My parents and grandparents would have been appalled. Another thing is, in Catholic schools or public schools, if you misbehaved, your parents expected the teacher to give you a whopping, and if it got known when you came home, you got another whopping.

It was expected that girls should behave better than boys. Today, they teach you, “Well, you're a girl but you're just like a boy, etc. There's no difference. Don't make a big deal about it. Do whatever you want to do.”

There's no value in being chaste anymore. A woman can stand around in all kinds of crooked postures. Back in the day, a woman would be ashamed to be standing around with a crooked posture. They're taught to be crude, vulgar and profane. We're seeing the results of two generations of deliberate, godless, profane, vulgar teachings in American society.

And all these new words. “Transsexual” didn't exist 50 years ago. These words are made up, which means the things they are talking about are made up. Just like “homosexual,” that word was coined probably in the early 20th century. Prior to that, you never heard such a term. They made it up, then they tell people, “You are a special kind of person. This is who you are. You were born this way.”

All of a sudden, you are no longer a man or a woman, you are something else. God didn't just make men and women, he made all these different genders, with rights. They make these things up, then they go to the government and say, “You need special laws for these people.”

If you are a man who loves a man, you are still a man who loves a man. You are not something called a homosexual.

If you are a woman who thinks she is a man, you are still a woman and not a transsexual.

What they're aiming for is to get back to pederasty. NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association is a favorite of the ACLU. Before too long, they’ll say that it’s good for a 12-year-old to have a male mentor.

Pederasty was encoded in the 8th Century B.C. by this fellow, Lycurgus. He enacted it into law in 8th Century Sparta. Athens took it up later. Other Greek cities began to do that too. You get that from Plutarch, from his Lives.

Plato borrowed from Lycurgus, but we never hear about Lycurgus because he’s so close to pederasty. People who are smart want to sneak this stuff in. They don't want to hit you with a broad brush. They sneak around the corner.

Under God’s law, there are some things man cannot do. God says, “No! No! No!’ so George Bernard Shaw, Bertrand Russell and all these big-headed people who thought so well of themselves, they went to work to push God out of the way. Julian Huxley, Margaret Sanger and Adolf Hitler were in the same group. They all believed in natural law. John Dewey, too. How he got to be in charge of American education, I'll never know.

Marx dedicated his book to Darwin. When Darwin came out with evolution, they loved that. “Oh, wow! Now, we don’t need that Genesis stuff!” They believed that everything depends on what man… What did the Greeks say? Yes, man is the measure of all things. They believed that man decides what’s right and wrong, and they weren’t going to have God get in the way. All these people believed in eugenics, of course. Nietzsche said, “The heck with man.”

So this is what they’ve been doing since the end of the 19th century. We had Ralph Waldo Emerson working on it in America. All these forces have been converging together against American society, which is God-based, and against the American Constitution, which is God-based.

Freud was another problem. Psychology has done a terrible thing, because right away, they said, “We’ve got the answer, and it has nothing to do with God.” Freud and Jung said, “Let’s look at the human mind. Let’s push God aside, and let’s figure out what this thing is all about, on our own.”

God already told you what the mind of man is. They said, “We’ve got a better idea. Man is divided into these compartments. The subconscious, the unconscious, etc, etc, and this is the libido,” so they built all this other stuff up, just like with evolution.

They build up all these scenarios, from their own minds, put it in a book and go to the university, “This is the truth! If you give me the correct answer to this, I’ll make you a B.A., or a B.S.!”

A lot of the illness or the evil in society has been deliberately injected into our people through the media and the schools, especially by those people who are hidden. I'm thinking of the planners like John Dewey and Antonio Gramsci. He was an Italian Communist. He said he was going to make American culture stink. He was going to make American culture so bad that it stinks.

There's a DVD that’s put together by a state legislator, Curtis Bowers. It’s called Grinding America Down. It’s very good in terms of what some of these Communists, these philosophers, what their intent was for America, and they have succeeded.

The Communists have infiltrated American institutions, the schools, the government, the parties, to get rid of the godly foundation of this country, so they can use their own selfish power to run American society. Communism wants to control people, and it wants to control their assets, their riches.

We’ve had Communists in this country since the 1920s, especially with the ACLU under Roger Baldwin, who was its Communist founder. The ACLU is working every day to continuously corrupt political parties, and they've been very successful with Democrats, and the Republicans have not been much of a resistance.

William Penn said, and this is from Romans 13, in the Bible, that government comes under the authority of God. He cited the origin of government in God’s Bible. This is where government comes from.

Benjamin Franklin said that, “Except the Lord build the house, they build it in vain,” citing from the Bible. He was talking about the Constitution of our country.

People think of Ben Franklin as some kind of anti-Christian. He was a Deist, they say. That’s ridiculous! Ben Franklin was a Christian Presbyterian governor who wrote proclamations about prayer in the classroom.

Ben Franklin said on June 6th, 1787 that “I’ve lived a long time, and the more I live, the more convincing proofs I see of God’s governance in the affairs of man.” That’s in James Madison’s notes.

In his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin wrote that “atheism is not known in America,” but they don’t teach that. Where did the Founding Fathers come from? Did they come out of nowhere? The founding churches built this country, not the Founding Fathers!

In these gift shops, they have these little books about Benjamin Franklin, but it’s all trivial nonsense. Or go into the Bourse Building. A year or two ago, they had a big statue of Franklin, down in the basement. You can ask him a question, “Ah, how many children did you have, Ben?” You push this button and Franklin will answer. It’s just incredible, the length they’ll go to make our Founding Fathers look silly!

A year ago, they had a big display sign of the Founding Fathers drinking champagne. I said to the security, “Do you know the administrator to this building? Well, you tell them I’m out here, and I’m protesting this caricature, this aberration of our Founding Fathers.” He said, “I will.”

There used to be a cardboard caricature of Benjamin Franklin, with a mechanical arm that was going up and down, selling hamburgers and hot dogs, in front of the Bourse Building.

At the American Philosophical Society, they have a statue of Benjamin Franklin dressed in a toga! They have him dressed as a pagan!

Columbus said, “The Lord put it in me.” Now, you’d think everybody would know at least one quote from the founder of America? They don’t know one quote from Christopher Columbus!

Thomas Paine was not an American citizen. He was a Britisher. He was successful when he wrote that pamphlet, Common Sense, which excited a lot of people because it talked about sunshine patriots, etc. There was a lot of good prose that excited people. As a matter of fact, “Common Sense” was suggested by Benjamin Rush. Thomas Paine wanted to call it, “Plain Truth,” but Rush said, “Common Sense is better.”

Thomas Paine was great until one day, he decided to write The Age of Reason. He lost friendships because he blasphemed God. Paine showed that he was a Deist, if not an atheist altogether. Thomas Paine is celebrated by people in this country who want to continue to tear down America.

I stop in Washington Square, and I see people reading all this trivial nonsense about William Penn. On a sign, it mentions how William Penn was concerned about making a green city.

The man came here because he was persecuted in England and put in jail! He came here to build a haven for people who were being persecuted! Also, the Quakers were at the forefront in the abolition of slavery, and that should be on the sign, not some nonsense about how he lay out some plants for a park in the city! But that’s what they do. They take you away from the important things, and give you the trivia and entertainment. It’s done deliberately.

There is no such thing as a separation of church and state! They made it up, and they’ve gotten everybody to believe it. In 1947, they had a ruling in the Supreme Court, separation of church and state. Before that, God was everybody’s authority. Authority in America was God, then they started this nonsense in the Supreme Court.

We’re living under Communists, a Communist in the White House, and this Communist Hillary Clinton, and all these other fools.

That’s why we’re in this mess today. The world doesn’t have the respect it had for America anymore. All these Christians are being slaughtered, raped, destroyed, and people are saying, “Where is America?”

America didn’t have to save South Korea. America went there out of the love that Christ taught, “Love thy neighbor.” In 1949, Truman said, “All men are created equal because we’re made in the image of God.” A couple years later, when South Korea was under attack, they came to Truman’s office and cried, and that man said, “You’ve got our troops,” and he sent MacArthur.

He didn’t have to. America does these things out of a loving, godly heart. We had a reputation of going to the rescue of people who were in trouble, people who were being besieged by an enemy, by an oppressor. That was our reputation. Today, you have in the Middle East all these slaughters going on, and people are saying, “Oh, my goodness, what happened to America?”

America used to be a force for righteousness. Now, it’s acting like an evil nation, because we have an evil man in the White House. Obama doesn’t care. He was brought up as a Communist. His father was, his mother was, all of the family.

Stalin gave them direction. Stalin said, “Break them down in their religion, break them down in their morality, break them down in their spiritual life, and America will crumble inside.” Stalin was right.


US Empire falling apart, partially due to allegiance to Israel: Writer

Press TV, NavalBrasil and Voice of al Islam, 10/22/16:


Many countries are distancing from the American Empire because it is “falling apart”, partially due to its “continued allegiance” to Israel, according to Linh Dinh, an American political analyst and writer based in Philadelphia.

“The United States is a failing empire that causes war and chaos. Many countries are starting to see this, so they are rethinking their association with the United States,” Dinh said in an interview with Press TV on Saturday.

“Although the Philippines is involved in a territorial dispute with China, it knows that it must get along with China down the line, simply because China will always be there, in East Asia, as the United States fades from the scene,” he stated.

“European countries, too, will disengage from the US to accompany Russia. It’s simply common sense. If you associate with the United States, which is a dying and dangerous empire, you’re likely to go down with it,” he added.

During a visit to China on Thursday, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced a "separation from the US,” saying the separation applied to military and economic cooperation between Washington and Manila.

Despite the public snub, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter insisted on Friday that his country intends to keep its alliance commitments to the Philippines.

Addressing a public rally on Friday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said the world hates the United States, citing countries such as the Philippines which are aligning themselves with US adversaries.

“The world hates our president,” Trump told his supporters. “The world hates us. You saw what happened with the Philippines after years and years and years; they’re now looking to Russia and China, because they don’t feel good about the weak America.”

Dinh told Press TV that “Trump’s assessment is not entirely useful, however, because he’s leaving out Israel. One of the main reasons the United States itself is falling apart is because of its continued allegiance to Israel.”

“The US and Israel are widely hated because they have destroyed many countries. The world would be a much better place if the United States divorced itself from Israel, but this is not going to happen. Trump and Clinton are both fanatical supporters of Israel,” he stated.


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Man in Celebrate America T-shirt in Friendly Lounge--Italian Market


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It's OK to cry--Old City



Soldier with Bible--Old City



Hank-Old City 3



Hank-Old City 2

Hank-Old City 2 (detail)

Hank-Old City 2 (detail 2)



Hank-Old City

Hank, 70-years-old, is the next Obscured American.


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Germany Update's Update

I forwarded to my Frankfurt friend two comments:

Dear Linh,

Love your reports, but I must take exception with your refugee excitement. In my local area of Oberbayern, our village of 8,000 souls has 'taken in' about 200 refugees with no problems. They are starting to work productively and will integrate surprisingly quickly.

1 million very foreign refugees is a drop in the ocean of 80 million Germans. Germany ( or at least Bavaria ) has a powerful culture which isn't going to be changed on tiny bit by the latest wave of refugees.

I agree that the push towards assimilation needs to be ernest. Deportation for the slightest criminality should be swift, automatic, and require the barest minimum of judicial process.

My personnel observation of the flood of refugees in Rosenheim & Munich during August, Sept, and Oct 2015 was they appeared in the main from levantine merchant classes. I suspect many are Christians.

Germany desperately needs population growth.

please keep writing, really love your reporting

Alonsa [not her real name]

Gordon K. [at Unz Review] says:
October 13, 2016 at 9:31 pm GMT • 300 Words

Let me put the comments from a Frankfurt resident in perspective – because I am a Frankfurt resident as well and because I work close to the Frankfurt main station in that very area the text claims german police to have lost control. IMHO that is an exaggeration. While there are always 20 to 30 young men of mainly north African origin around apparently selling drugs and while police is complaining that it is hard to get these people convicted in court, I wouldn’t say that police has lost control. While these young men are said to get aggessive from time to time I haven’t seen it. Most of the time they don’t interact with residents or travellers or tourists.

Those guys are either refugees or (I guess more or less) illegal immigrants from failed north African states destroyed by NATO and/or EU imperialism. They may have experienced violence and drugs throughout their lives. In Germany they can’t get jobs because they often only speak arabic or aren’t allowed to work. They don’t get few if any welfare payments from the government but live in a rich society with lots of expensive consumer goods. So selling drugs may seem like an easy solution to them. The government gives them little or no money to sustain themselves and does little to nothing to integrate them into german society. Few german language courses available, housing them separately from the german population. So what are their choices? Blaming muslims in general or some kind of loss of german identity for those problems is overly simplistic – and like almost all simplistic solutions wrong. BTW: We had at least one employee of our company harrassed by police while going to work from the station (or going home in the evening). I sometimes contemplate whether I should be more concerned because of aggressive police officers (even though this problem is certainly not as bad as in the US) in Frankfurt.

My Frankfurt friend responds:

Hey Linh,

I'd rather say the responses are stupid.... or even dangerous (sigh)…. I will try to explain:

I also have had no bad personal experiences with refugees - but it doesn't mean, that I don't see the problems. If this village in Bavaria Alonsa is talking about really "integrates" the 200 refugees into the workforce, it would be a miracle - but still a local one. All other messages from all over Germany are rather bleak:

The big German corporations wanted to hire refugees by the thousands - so far 200 have been hired (in over one year). Great.

Also in Bavaria, in Rosenheim (nice city), the local authorities started a huge campaign to integrate young refugees from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Somalia etc. into the workforce, once the huge wave came in. Germany already has a rather good system of integrating people via different measures into the workforce.

They tried everything – courses, to learn German, trainings on the job, courses, to understand the German labor world etc. – and guess what? After half a year they had to admit that they failed. Why? Simple – the refugees just didn’t have the knowledge due to lack of education to understand the German labor market – its complexity, the way, things are done here etc.

Of 100 or 150 refuges ONE made it into an apprenticeship to become a skilled worker. All others had dropped out of the apprenticeships they had been offered. Too hard- too little money – no motivation etc.

And these were the youngest, Linh – the ones, where some people had hoped that THEY will be the ones to be integrated quickly - well – they were wrong.
One CEO of the Project in Rosenheim said to the press, that due to their experiences, she thought, that about 80% of the young Refugees in Rosenheim were not fit for the labor market – and that it was next to impossible to make them fit, because they lacked even the slowest standards due to the immense differences in the education systems.

The German labor office stated, that they think, that after one Year in Germany, 10% of the Refugees should get a job (which sounds rather optimistic or even absurd). And that – Hurra! – after 12 years, up to 75% of the refugees should have a job.

Can you name me one country in this world Linh, which makes such an insane immigration policy?

Now some people say: But with Syrians it’s different! They are so well educated (and yes – we have PR Campaigns telling us over and over again, that all these Engineers, Computer Experts, Designers etc. will contribute oh so mightily to the German workforce – HURRA!).

Sometimes I really fear for my compatriots- is it German nature to be so easily fooled – then – under the Führer – and now? But back to the topic:
The propaganda– sorry – I mean the news – is telling us, that half of the Refugees have at least completed secondary school – so the Headline in this article is: Highly qualified, but without apprenticeship- oh God, the stupidity of it all….. well, at least even the official media states, that only minority of the Refugees have completed studies or are able to study. But let’s look into it more in detail.

First of all – this is all according to what the refugees said – there are no credentials, no certificates, nothing, to prove they told the truth. But okay, let’s assume, they told said the truth. Let’s look at the Syrians:

2011 they made the latest TIMSS tests. TIMSS means “Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study”. They do these tests, to see, how good is the knowledge of pupils in these areas in fourth and eighth grade. 2011 45 countries participated for eighthgraders. Syrian pupils were participating – and Syria was among the lowest ranks – combined on place 39.

Germany did not participate (we follow other tests called PISA) – but the US did – and reached places 9 and 10.

In the famous PISA tests for mathematical skills, where 65 countries participated, Germany reached place 16. The US reached place 36. Syria did not participate.

Now – we all know, that tests also have faults – but still: When you look at these results, one should start to think. A German education expert, Ludger Wößmann, did not only that, but he looked in May 2016 into the Syrian school system once more and compared it with the German school system – and came to the-not-so-surprising conclusion, that Syrian Eightgraders lacked about five years behind – in comparison to German Eightgraders. This was due to the fact, that the standard of education in Syria is much lower – education in Syria was more orientated on Sharia and Religion.

The same had to be said to the Syrian apprenticeships, when they were compared with German apprenticeships – the methodology, the curricula etc. – everything was vastly beneath the German standards.

The board of Trade Munich, an institution not really known for many Nazis among their staff, conducted a study this year, where they did research on Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan young men, who had started an apprenticeship two years ago (before the great migration wave came) – and found out that, after two years, 70% had canceled the apprenticeship.

Too hard – too little money…. Etc.

Again – I want to emphasize that this was, when circumstances for support etc. were still good – now the circumstances are much, much

So all in all – I don’t know what’s more scary Linh – people like Alonsa, who still delude themselves and reject to see the disaster, which is coming – or the disaster itself. I don’t know.

Still – it is the destruction of Germany and we can watch it in a first row seat…. The refugees act as a sort of fire-accelerant…. BECAUSE – guess what our officials are already thinking about? Because the realization slowly creeps into some minds above, that not all is well in Denmark (or Deutschland rather), some people have already said , that…. We should lower the standards for students! And for applications! And for education! Hurra! Great idea! That’s the way to compete in the 21century – Hurra Hurra und dreimal Hurra!!

Okay- enough of that- as to the second guy, Gordon - he is insofar right, as one can surely still walk and travel through the central station in Frankfurt (I do, too). The police said, that they have lost control and were solely referring to drug selling – so it does not mean, that we have civil war already at the central station - we don’t. But the atmosphere is changing for the worse – and I know women personally, who don’t go to the Central Station at night anymore alone, because…. Like everywhere.

As for the second argument, it is the typical leftist attitude to switch the responsibility – the poor refugees, who start selling drugs, have no other option – that is just crap. It is true, that many of them are housed badly sometimes, but they all have a roof over their heads (and many German homeless people don’t!!). They get between €140 – 350 a month – which is not good, but not bad either. The way, to let them wait, until the asylum procedure is finished is bad, I agree – but all this doesn’t excuse refugees from stealing, dealing, raping or whatever!

This is the twisted mindset of the left, where they are sooo empathetic towards poor strangers, but they would NEVER show the same to some poor German bastard, who yelled in public something like “Fucking refugee” or even had a fight with a refugee, because he has lost his job, cannot afford the travel by train to see his mom in the north and sees these young men stepping on trains, not being controlled (they are refugees! Nazi!) and he lives in his shitty apartment, no chance for a change and sees, how some of the refugees get nice new apartments in new, extra build houses (it is our obligation! Nazi!) and he cannot afford the extra treatment by a doctor and sees refugees being transported by Taxi to a doctor (it was an emergency! Nazi!) etc pp.

And slowly, but surely, his anger is rising….. and one day it will explode. And THEN! Comes the final twist – because then, the media and the left have the final proof: SEE!!! We are full of Nazis!!! Shame on you Germany! (And if a refugee plants a bomb? – Ah – we must understand him! He is traumatized! Oh the poor fellow….).

These people sometimes make me sick Linh – they do, what Jesus told us we should never do – they condemn others – and they have huge, huge bars in their eyes…. Hypocrites of the highest order.

Well……It will fail – in the very end it will all turn to dust – but until then – it will be a zoo. Or something resembling a Blade Runner scenario. Not too nice, but inevitable.



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